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○2012/11/22 Wach Dog was refined to make possible to work on a Smartphone
with and without a SIM card.
Caution: When you use a Smartphone without a SIM card, the longin ID is
the Gmail address you had set up. If you use some Smartphones without SIM cards
that had been set up the same Gmail address, you cannnot longin to use
individual Smartphone. In this case, you have to set different Google Acount
for individual Smartphones.

MANGA introduction of 'Watch Dog ♪'

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Youtube video for introduction of 'Watch Dog ♪'

Compatibility of your Smart Phone

『Watch Dog♪』
◯ Android Smart Phone and Tablet with an official SIM card or with a Google Acount
◯ Required Android OS: Android 2.2 and up

When your Smart Phone is compatible for that,
please download 'Watch Dog♪' from the Google Play!!

Produce and Development of Watch Dog♪ series

SODA,inc. Japan

PROP,inc. Japan

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